‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ , A must read

Reading was a thing for me, but there are some reads that just stimulate the reading love in you.Honestly speaking , I personally, have rarely found these exquisite reads which have ingnited that spark within me. One such rare masterpiece that i have recently read is 'Man's search for Meaning' by Viktor Frankl ,an Austrian neurologist and … Continue reading ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ , A must read


“Happiness is indeed a choice”

I once read somewhere "Happiness is a conscious​ choice, not an automatic response" I laughed at the quote.I immediately judged the person who had written this quote, "people write anything, just to make it sound good" As the time passed, my attitude towards life changed gradually. I started taking things lightly, conducing to what I … Continue reading “Happiness is indeed a choice”