“Happiness is indeed a choice”

I once read somewhere "Happiness is a conscious​ choice, not an automatic response" I laughed at the quote.I immediately judged the person who had written this quote, "people write anything, just to make it sound good" As the time passed, my attitude towards life changed gradually. I started taking things lightly, conducing to what I … Continue reading “Happiness is indeed a choice”


Luck or Hardwork?

We often say : Do your best, leave the rest on your luck. But some say: If you do your best, you are definitely going to get the result. These are kind of ambiguous statemets. This initiates a philosophical debate always.Hence, a lot of questions get raised like if luck plays an important role, what … Continue reading Luck or Hardwork?

When the story is same, but significance differs

Stories are created,solely with characters and the same characters constitute more than a single story. Some stories become murky as the time passes, left are the unique remnants which become difficult to conjoin to form the story again, as each character partners with some other characters and the journey continues. But some stories continue to … Continue reading When the story is same, but significance differs

Friendship:Through the ups and downs,still imperishable

So far, so good! The day is perfect. The life is on the track.The contentment out of the life is satisfying, with no repents.The innate doubts and cravenness that constituted an inseparable part of her soul, now has been overshadowed by a belief instilled out of the motivation, that everything is achievable. She is happy … Continue reading Friendship:Through the ups and downs,still imperishable